Best Dressed | 2015

Not only were these my favorite outfits of 2015, but they were the posts that received the most traffic as well! This was also the year that I got rid of more than half my wardrobe, so my outfits have definitely gotten more simplified. Who knows? Maybe in 2016 I’ll get rid of the rest of my clothes and just start from scratch, haha (kidding, Mom, don’t freak out). In this age of minimalism where less is more, I can see my style gravitating toward more basic, versatile pieces which will probably only continue to progress in the new year. We shall see!

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Also, I am highly aware that I’ve been slacking on the blog the past month (or two…), I’m sorry! Life has been pretty hectic lately, and even now I’m still playing catch-up. Hopefully things calm down after the holidays. I’ve got one more annual recap post next week, and that’s it for 2015. Let’s do this.