2016 Goals

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Three weeks into the new year, and I’ve finally settled on my goals for 2016. Some people settle on one big resolution, but I think smaller goals are more easily manageable. A couple of them are simple, but others are gonna be tough. Either way, I’m going to do my best to complete them all! 

1. No soda. Period.

I don’t drink soda often, but I LOVE Coke. Mexican Coke tastes great with tacos, and it’s impossible for me to not have Coke whenever I eat pizza. And if I go out drinking, I sometimes just order a rum & Coke or vodka & Sprite. I know soda is bad for you, but UGH it’s so good. So this year I wanna test myself to not drink any kind of soda. We’ll see how this pans out…

2. Read more books than last year.

Okay I’m already behind on this one because I haven’t read any new books this year yet! I’m technically still reading Room from last year. It’s a great book, but I have trouble focusing when the entire story is told from the point of view of a 5-year-old. I’m almost done though. Anyway! The number to beat from last year is 18. How lame is it that this goal is the hardest to me??

3. Take more portraits.

I don’t mean of myself. I think I’ve got those covered. Last month I took Christmas card photos for my friends and their dogs, and it was so much fun! I love being behind the camera just as much as in front of it, if not more. This year I want to take more photos of people and get better use out of my DSLR while hopefully learning some new techniques along the way. So if you’re in the Austin area and want your photo taken… *hint hint*

4. Go to a blogger meetup.

Sometimes I can be so shy. In my 5 years of blogging I have never once gone to a blogger meetup of any kind. It’s kind of embarrassing. I’m always afraid I’ll get left alone or have nothing to add to the conversation. I know these fears are probably just in my head which is why I’m going to try and overcome them this year. Nicole, I may need your help with this one! :o)

5. Complete a 5K. And then a 10K.

This goal is already in progress! I’ve been running ~three miles at least four times a week, and I recently signed up for my first 5K which will be on Valentine’s Day. 5Ks aren’t that bad though, it’s the 10K I’m worried about. After I get done jogging three miles, the thought of going three. more. miles. makes me wanna cry. But it shall be done! Eventually. I’m not there yet, haha.

What are your goals for 2016?