Snapshots | February

I almost forgot to post this today, so this is just gonna be a word-vomit of all that happened this month. February was perfect, basically. Great weather, good food, and fun people. I spent Valentine’s Day running my first 5K, and immediately afterwards I signed up for a 10K in April (eek!). I went to my first (and second!) yoga class. Tried Voodoo donuts for the first time. Helped one of my best friends find an engagement ring for his girlfriend (he proposed this morning!). Tried out a new brewery. Celebrated Fat Tuesday with a crawfish boil and beignets. I won free tickets to Oyster Fest. I went to the park every weekend too! February definitely got me excited for summer, but I’m also afraid that the summer months are gonna be hotter than ever before. I’ll set that worry aside for now though since March is here which means SXSW. My stress level is through the roof. 🙂