Snapshots | March

March was hands down the BEST. It definitely made up for last year (which was the absolute worst month of 2015). SXSW was so much fun, I’m still reminiscing about it. I saw lots of my favorite bands including CHVRCHES, St. Lucia, Chromeo, Borns, & countless others. I won an Instagram contest and got to finally try Franklin’s BBQ for free with no waiting in line! Other March highlights: I met Hannibal Buress, rode a ferris wheel in the middle of downtown Austin, met lots of cool new people during SXSW, attended a ‘Puppy Party’ where I pet literally all the dogs, ate lots of free food, almost passed out from heat exhaustion, went to Kite Fest, went kayaking, and had a fun Easter with family this past Sunday. My running progress took a hit this month unfortunately. My 10K is in less than 2 weeks, and I am not prepared at all. But either way, it’s happening! Then I’m only a month out from my 6 week Europtrip… Oh boy. Commence freak out.