Five for Five

Today is my five year blogiversary! FIVE YEARS OF BLOGGING. Geez, that’s a long time. I have sweaters and friendships that haven’t even lasted this long with me. This blog started out as a hobby for sharing my personal style and a space to write about literally nothing but has now developed into an important part of my life. I’ve had some great opportunities, made connections with awesome people, and have even scored jobs in my career fieldall because of this blog. My blogiversary snuck up on me this year, so I have no cute photo of me with a cupcake this year (so cliché); so instead, here’s five random facts about me, because why not?

  1. I am an only child. Every time I tell people this, their reaction is always the same: “Uh ohhhh.” Excuse me, but I think I’m a pretty well-adjusted functioning member of society. I just don’t like to share my stuff, and I’m super impatient. Being an only child was great as a kid, but now I wish I had siblings more than anything! 
  2. One time when I was 3-years-old I fell on my face at the zoo, and I now have a permanent scar on my lip from the incident. I didn’t discover this scar until I was in high school. It makes applying lipstick a pain in the butt.
  3. Marriage and having kids scares the hell out of me. Most of my friends talk about it like it’s just the natural next phase of life, but I constantly wonder if that life is for me or if I’m meant for something else. But then I think if I don’t follow the “normal” path, will I just end up left behind? Basically, the future is terrifying, haha.
  4. I cherish my alone time, but I also hate being alone. I’ve come to realize this over the past year when I moved out on my own for the first time, broke up with my long-term boyfriend, and also started working from home. The combination of these three things have made me feel more alone than ever beforeand to put it bluntly, it sucks. 
  5.  I am a planner. By Monday I am already reaching out to friends and organizing my weekend. My work weeks are scheduled on my calendar by the hour of what I have to do. Sometimes even my months are planned ahead of time. I’m also constantly thinking of what’s going to happen next which makes it really hard for me to ~live in the moment.~ It’s a curse and a blessing. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Happy birthday, blog. Sorry you were created on the most annoying day of the year!