small goals | october

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I’ve been planning to write these type of posts for months, but I got distracted, and wellhere we are. I’m getting a head start on my new years resolution to be more accountable for myself, so I figured writing out and sharing my goals with you all would be a good place to start. I always love reading my gal Nicole‘s small goals every month (be sure to link up!), and every month I think, I should do this. So I’m doing it! Go me! Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish this month:

Finish 2 new books: Y’all, I have been slacking on my reading this year. One of my goals for 2016 was to read more than 18 books (which is how many I read last year), and so far I’ve read… five. Wow, that was embarrassing to type. I will say that I recently just finished Amy Schumer’s new book and LOVED it. That’s right y’all, I finished a whole book last month!

Plan out 3 portrait sessions: I’ve been trying to gain more experience to grow my portfolio for my photography business over the past couple months. It’s moving along slowly but surely. I’d love to do more lifestyle portraits and engagements! Holler at your girl if you know any Austinites who would be interested in having their photo taken. 🙂

Do basic fall stuff with friends: I’m in the mood to carve a pumpkin. Or go to a corn maze. We don’t have a lot of autumn activities here in Texas, but we do our best with what we’re given. Also, I have yet to have a pumpkin spiced latte this season. Am I missing out?

Go running 3x a week: In September I signed up for a fitness program that was being promoted for $8 that month, but now that it’s over, I need to get back into my usual way of working out: running. Now that the weather is starting to cool down, maybe I’ll be more inclined to get off my couch.

Start a new show and stick with it: Every time I start a show, I get bored after about 3 episodes and just give up. Then I re-watch The Office for the billionth time (it never gets old) and call it a day. I want to expand my TV horizons, but I’ not sure where to start. Any suggestions y’all have would be greatly appreciated!

Goals. I made ’em. How sad is it that I’m already eyeing that “finish two books” goal and thinking, Yeah right… I’m not the reader I was last year, that’s for sure. I’ve been out of my apartment way more than usual lately to the point where as soon as I get home, I’ll read a couple pages of whatever book is on my nightstand and then pass out. I’ll do my best though! What are your small goals this month?