What to Pack for a Music Festival

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my favorite music festivals is coming up (in 2 weeks actually… holy cow)! I’m so excited to go back to Euphoria; I need my live music fix. Last week was SXSW, but I had to work during most of it, so I didn’t get to see as many bands as I wanted to. However, I did go out during the weekends where I saw a few great artists! SXSW is like a music fest that lasts a whole week and takes over an entire downtown of a city, and if you do it right, it’s free. It’s exhausting but fun! And everything you see above, I made sure to take with me. When you get ready for a music fest, you have to make sure you’re prepared for the WHOLE day because you’re more than likely not going to be able to go back home in the middle of it (why would you want to?).

Here are my go-to items for pretty much every music festival I go to:


♥ Fanny pack – look ma, no hands! No one wants to hold a bouncing purse while they dance.

♥ Cash – it just makes things A LOT easier.

♥ Tissues – for when those gross port-o-potties just happen to run out of TP.

♥ Mosquito wipes – maybe this is dependent on where you live, but in Texas spring: beware.

♥ Ear plugs – for old ladies like me. Hey, your ears will thank you when you’re older.

♥ Water bottle – stay hydrated, folks. Drink some water and then keep drinking water.

♥ Hand sanitizer – music festivals are gross, so you’ll need plenty of this. No question.

♥ Sunscreen – don’t pull a me circa 2012. *shudders*

♥ External battery charger – especially if you’re constantly Snapchatting; this is a must.

♥ Sunglasses – a no-brainer, I feel…

♥ Bandana – these are surprisingly versatile during a fest since they protect from the sun, dirt, etc.


And, of course, don’t leave your wristbands at home! I am currently giving away 2 general wristbands to Euphoria on my Instagram right now until March 27th! All you have to do is tag a friend you’d bring to the fest in the comments. Good luck!

This post was sponsored by Euphoria Music Festival; thank you for your support!