How I Stay Motivated to Exercise

For the past few months, I’ve been going to The Barre Code about 4 times a week, and it has been awesome! I am horrible when it comes to commitment, but I’ve really made an effort to stick with this routine and dedicate part of my week to exercising. I even completed their Back To Sweat Challenge at the beginning of the month! After sitting in a chair all day, I think it’s important to get my body moving in SOME way, even if it’s only for 50 minutes (which is how long a barre class typically lasts). If someone as lazy as me can stick to a workout schedule, I truly believe anyone can do it. These are a few tips that have helped me stay motivated since I started barre; maybe they can help you too!

1. Throw on workout clothes ASAP – I don’t know what it is, but I’ve discovered that I’m more likely to workout once I put on actual workout clothing. Even more so if they are NEW work out clothes. I bought a pair of graphic print leggings recently and literally could not wait to wear them to barre, haha. Thankfully leggings as pants is becoming more & more socially acceptable, yes? But seriously, when in doubt, just wear your athletic wear and see how you feel.

2. Don’t dwell – The main reason I skip on exercising? I think about it too much. I start to debate internally with myself when the thought of exercising comes up, like, “Sure I could go to barre, OR I could sit here and watch this episode of The Office for the 100th time, or I could go to brunch with my friends. What’s the big deal in missing one class? It’s fine.” We’re in our own heads most of the day, but when I’m actually able to push the thought away (and yes, it takes some effort), it’s easier to just show up and get it done.

3. Focus on the after feeling – I may be tired, sore, and sweaty after a workout, but I’m also happy as well–happy I showed up and did it. At times when I want to do anything but exercise (which can be often), I try to focus on how I feel AFTER I get out of barre: accomplished, healthy, and thankful that I took the time to do something for myself. How many times can you say you’ve truly regretted taking the time to exercise? …Exactly.

4. Put it in your schedule – And I mean literally write it down into your schedule. Treat it like a dentist appointment or an important meeting–it’s something you can’t miss. One thing I love about The Barre Code is that you can sign up for classes on their site and if you cancel within 4 hours of the class, they charge you a fee of $10. Your first thought may be, “Oh hell no!” but honestly, it’s a huge help. I like to book a class within the cancel fee period that way I absolutely cannot cancel (I’m cheap as hell)! I haven’t missed a class yet.

5. Find a workout buddy – I used to prefer working out alone because I didn’t want anyone to see me all sweaty, but now I see the true benefits of the buddy system. Having someone to struggle with you during class or taking on a challenge with you is great; they hold you accountable, you have a friendly face to look to when your legs are on fire and you feel like you’re gonna die, and then y’all can go get tacos afterward. I speak from experience; get you a workout buddy.

How do you stay motivated? If you’re interested in trying out The Barre Code for yourself, you can still take 50% off their 2 week unlimited class option with the code BARRELATELY at checkout (that’s $40 instead of $80)!