Must Be Good Jeans

Sponsored by Zappos

For my 6 week trip to Europe last year, I took one pair of jeans; they were my favorite black pair EVER and paired well with all the tops I brought. By the end of the 4 week mark, however, they no longer fit, and when I returned home, NONE of my jeans fit either. Ever since then, I’ve steered clear of wearing jeans and just stuck with leggings.

When Zappos contacted me to style a pair of their 7 for All Mankind jeans, I was first like, ugh nooo. But then I remembered I don’t own any and winter is upon us, so might as well give them a shot. I kid you not, they are AMAZING. They have a bit of stretch to them, so I’m not dying to unbutton them after a meal. And not only do they actually fit, but they are ripped at the knee in the correct spot & don’t bunch up at the ankle! I’m in love. I used to just buy my denim for $10 at Forever 21, but after these babies, I have seen the light.

Outfit details:
Nordrom striped tee
7 for Mankind Onyx Jeans via Zappos (c/o)
H&M jacket (borrowed)
Target tote bag
Ray Ban sunglasses
GAP chelsea boots
Earrings c/o Ana Aguilar Jewelry

Photos by Becca Gamache Photography