27 Things I’ve Learned At 27

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving AND my birthday! I’m swapping cake for turkey this year, and I’m not mad about it. Since I’ll be super busy the day of (as I’m sure you will be too), I figured I’d publish my birthday post a day early. Last year I published a post similar to this one, and I really liked writing it after reflecting on my past year of life. So I’m continuing the tradition! Here are 27 life lessons I’ve learned over the past year and will hopefully carry with me into the next.

  1. Going to networking events alone isn’t as scary as it sounds.
  2. Don’t react right away when you’re angry. Take a walk.
  3. Sometimes it’s ok to be selfish even if people don’t understand or don’t know all the details.
  4. Don’t shy away from new opportunities just because you’re not sure if you can succeed in them. Take a moment to freak out, but then remind yourself that you got this.
  5. Having a job where you ACTUALLY LIKE YOUR JOB truly makes a difference on your quality of life. (I get this is a no-brainer, but it has been an eye-opener for me this year)
  6. Some people are only meant to be in your life for a certain amount of time.
  7. I’ve learned that my biggest pet peeve is people texting/scrolling through their social media when I’m trying to tell them a personal story.
  8. Always look your best at big events because you never know when you’re going to run into your ex of 3 years and meet his new wife.
  9. Don’t give away everything about yourself when you like someone. They will get bored.
  10. Sometimes your friends will fail you, and sometimes you will fail your friends.
  11. If he tells you he’s trash, believe him.
  12. Don’t let your ex judge you just because you’re not exactly the same person you were when y’all were dating.
  13. Friday nights in with your bestie and a bottle of wine are therapeutic & should be done more often.
  14. Camping is a lot more enjoyable with an RV that has a/c, a bed, and a working toilet.
  15. People at edm music festivals are literally the most friendly people EVER.
  16. When you lose your retainer, don’t wait 4 months to replace it because your teeth will shift even though you’ve been wearing it every night since the 7TH GRADE. (dealing with this now, YAY)
  17. You save money faster by not spending it on tiny, trivial things that will eventually add up.
  18. You can impress almost any dude just by quoting the show Rick & Morty.
  19. If he claims that “all girls are crazy,” there’s more likely something wrong with him, not the girls he’s been with. 
  20. Always say yes to a stranger looking for a dog-sitter for their corgi. (But then be prepared to be very sad afterwards)
  21. Being alone is way better than spending time with dudes you don’t even care about.
  22. Self-help books are actually really great for putting things into perspective. Read more of those.
  23. Wearing a bra when you don’t have to is dumb. And even then, do you really have to?
  24. Friends that tell you when they’re mad at you instead of holding their anger inside & letting it blow up in the most irrational way possible–those are the ones to keep.
  25. Things to always say yes to: your friends cooking you dinner, Harry Potter trivia nights, flash flight deals, VIP festival wristbands 
  26. Someone can look so “great on paper” and y’all can even have a lot of fun together/things in common, but no matter how much you like them, if there’s no chemistry… you can’t force it.
  27. In the grand scheme of things, most of our problems are so small. Everything will eventually work itself out.

Here’s to 27!

Photo by Becca Gamache Photography