Last Minute Gifts For Women by Austin Women

1. “TACOS” cap by Frankie Jean – for your girl who is always down for a quick taco run. I wear this cap every time I go to the taco food truck near my apartment, and yes I feel very ~Austin~ every time I do. Also, there are other styles that just say QUESO & Y’ALL that I have my eye on next… (edit: I am giving away TWO of these awesome caps on my Instagram account right now until 12/21!!)

2. Classes with The Barre Code – for the fitness lover in your life who is always trying to convince you to run a 10K with her. It’s no secret that I love The Barre Code, not only for their variety of strength + cardio classes & awesome instructors, but also for the community of women they’ve cultivated that has kept me motivated ever since I started back in May. You can gift two weeks of unlimited classes for only $40 with the code BARRELATELY @ check out! (btw, they have multiple locations–not just Austin!)

3. Intersectional Feminist mug by Everyday Unicorns – for your friend who needs her morning coffee in order to fight the patriarchy. There are so many cute “girl power” type products here, it was hard to choose my fave! For the new moms out there (or girls shopping for their new mom friends) check out their adorable feminist baby line of clothes!

4. Adventure Assist Travel Notebook – for your wanderlust friend who is always planning her next trip, this notebook is perfect for keeping organized with sections for things to pack, accommodations, recommendations, contacts, and even a space to write in the back. I took one of my own on my trip to Seoul & it was such a lifesaver!!

5. Girls Support Girls T-Shirt by Daisy Natives – for your friend who believes in community over competition. I have this shirt myself and always get compliments on it! It also comes in other colors!

6. Statement earrings by Ana Aguilar Jewelry – for your fashionista friend who always seems be wearing some cool, edgy accessory from some designer you’ve never heard of. It may be because she SHOPS SMALL. ;o)

7. ‘GIRL POWER’ cap by Luella – for your friend who always dresses so cute! You know the one. I got this hat for my birthday & I wear it all the time now!! It let’s people know where my loyalties lie, haha.

8. “Men Are Trash” cross stitch by BasicBitchStitch – for the girl who is always telling you her latest Bumble/Tinder horror story (I’ve had plenty of them, trust me). My friend made this and recently turned her cross-stitching hobby into a business on Etsy, so be sure to check out her other designs & feel free to take 20% off with the code RACHELLATELY at checkout 🙂

9. “Can I Pet Your Dog?” pin by Unicorns Rockstar – for your doggo-obsessed friend that is constantly stopping to pet strangers’ dogs on the street (I am this friend which is why I bought this pin for myself LOL).

10. “Should I Wash My Hair Today” print by Chipper Things – for the girl who calculates when she needs to wash her hair based on her social plans and always has dry shampoo on deck. Or maybe you are that girl? Same, tbh.

11. Succulents by Flowers on the Fly – for your gal pal that prefers plants over people (but can you blame her?). Also these cuties are only $4 !!

12. “Feel Good Dress Better” e-book by Writes Like A Girl – for the fashion-lover gal who always claims to have “nothing to wear” yet also has a closet full of clothes, this e-book, which doubles as a fun self-project, will help define her style and get her excited to get dressed in the morning!