Year in Review | 2017

Of course I put off writing this until the last minute. It’s 1am on a work night & I’m currently sick with a new year cold, so prepare yourself for a bunch of babble and possible rants about nothing in particular. What can I say about 2017? How does one summarize a year where every day you wake up not wanting to open your phone because you know something outrageous or terrible has most likely happened. Other than that stuff, my 2017 was pretty much all over the place in terms of highs and lows. I lost a couple friendships that were some of my most meaningful relationships in 2016, and I had to learn a hard lesson that not everyone you love is going to be there for you forever and that some people are only meant to be in your life for a certain amount of time. I went through a very hard time dealing with this in April/May & as a result, I got really into uplifting self-help books that helped pull me out of dark headspace (I’d recommend You Are A Badass to anyone looking for something similar). 

Of course, along with sad times, there are a lot more happy times. I was hired at a local start up in Austin in February, and for the first time I understood what it was like to go to a job you love everyday. I am truly grateful for the work I do & the people I work with; I’m inspired everyday and am never bored anymore like with previous jobs I’ve had. I dated a bit in the winter & then someone new in the spring, and when those didn’t work out, I became so over dating that I just… stopped. From June onward I just focused on me, my friends, my blog, going to barre, & my job. I still remember my best friend telling me she hadn’t seen me that happy in months, & I knew it was because I wasn’t putting effort into people I didn’t care about anymore (like I did last year).  When you focus on the things that matter, everything else just falls into place. Like I said above, I lost a few friendships this year, but I also gained some great ones. There are truly some awesome, kind, wonderful creative people here in Austin; how funny is it that we were warned to not speak to strangers on the internet when we were young, and now we’re going out & having coffee dates with them? All in all, 2017 wasn’t so bad on a personal level; I went on a spontaneous trip to South Korea, went to a lot of music festivals, made new connections & I work for a company I adore now. I can’t complain. 

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Goals accomplished: Out of the 5 goals I made for 2017, I completed 3… maybe 4 of them. I successfully gave up chocolate until about August when I unknowingly bit into a klondike bar & forgot it came with chocolate. Then I went to Seoul & it was all downhill from there. As for learning a new skill, I added email marketing & influencer outreach to my resume, does that count? I also do barre now; never thought I’d be the girl to say that. I didn’t explore the US as much as I wanted, but I did a bit–I had never been to NOLA before nor Michigan, so those were fun. My goal to think more positively was a success; I think going through all that friend drama helped with that. Finally, I was supposed to write more personal posts, and I think I only wrote like 3? Maybe 4? Ugh. I’ll have to try again next year for that one. 

Places traveled: New Orleans, Chicago, Rothbury (Michigan), Seoul (South Korea), Houston, Dallas

Books read: Scrappy Little Nobody, In A Dark Dark Wood, Miracle Morning, You Are A Badass, Love Yourself, Live Your Truth, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, The Composite Effect

List of “firsts”: got a job I absolutely love, marched in a peaceful protest, tried barre & joined The Barre Code, got to go to food events as @512bites, went to Mardi Gras, got to go to a music festival as an influencer, went to a beer tasting festival, went to my first camping music festival (Electric Forest), did the Austin Eats Tour, met a ton of influencers in the Austin foodie scene, shot my first wedding by myself, got to be VIP for a day at ACL, stood by my bestie as she got married, went to freaking South Korea ahh!!

Excited for next year: I have a trip planned for Hawaii in March (my first time!) and I’ll be going to Coachella in April, something I’ve always wanted to do at least once in my life. Other than that, I wanna try to go to more music fests outside of Texas, start shooting more weddings, and hopefully another spontaneous out-of-country trip will present itself out of no where. I tend to act impulsively when I see a flash flight deal…

2017 in photos: