Best Places to Get a Margarita in Austin

Alcomar – South 1st Street (Central)

Why? This place has one of the most unique list of margaritas I’ve seen in Austin. They range on the pricey side, but whatever you get will not disappoint. My fave is the Rosita Marg made with olmeca altos plata, triple sec, watermelon,
lime, agave, cholula, & an el chile rim.

Happy Hour? Every day, 4-6:30pm (happy hour menu)

Hillside Farmacy – East 11th Street (East Side)

Why? There aren’t many decent places that aren’t Tex Mex restaurants that can serve a decent margarita, but the Grapefruit Jalapeño Margarita from this quaint lil’ spot is legit one of my FAVES in Austin. I have to order it every time I go there now, even if it’s just for brunch.

Happy Hour? Everyday 3-6pm (menu)

El Alma – Barton Springs Road (Central)

Why? Another Austin favorite that I haven’t found anywhere else in the city: the Chilanga marg. If that’s not your thing though, they have plenty of different options, all unique. I love this place not just for their margs but also their upstairs outdoor patio and their addicting ceviche.

Happy Hour? Everyday, 3-6pm (menu)

Fresa’s – South 1st Street (Central)

Why? Two words. AVOCADO MARGARITA. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

Happy Hour? Monday through Friday, 3-6pm (menu)

Iron Cactus – 6th Street (Downtown)

Why? I know, I know– really, Rachel? 6th Street? But HEY they have a legit tequila bar and were able to make a mean, spicy margarita that I still have dreams about. Plus, their roof top patio is a great spot for people watching on all the drunkies below, ha!

Happy Hour? Monday through Friday, 3-6pm (happy hour menu)