Corporate Comfort

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Is this an outfit that’s going to break the internet? Of course not, but it’s one I seem to keep wearing on the reular n this spring. Flowy top + mom jeans + comfortable sneakers. Thankfully I work for a startup where the dress code is casual, so you’re pretty much looking at my office uniform. I remember having drinks with a blogger pal visiting from out of town who was so surprised at how “chill” the Austin workforce scene was; to see a man in a suit or a woman in a pencil skirt + heels is rare unless you work near the Capitol. I had never thought about it much before, but the fact that I don’t have to wear a business casual ironed dress/skirt or slacks to work everyday makes me super grateful to live in a city where we typically value comfort over corporate style.


Speaking of comfort, I’ve been wearing these sneakers a lot lately; not just for work but also while going on day adventures around Austin too! I wore them on a short hike to the greenbelt near my neighborhood the other weekend, & my feet didn’t hurt at all (major plus since I have old lady feet lol). I’m super stoked to be able to take part in Easy Spirit’s #MoveFor campaign today where they are asking people to share what moves them and what they move for everyday. For me, I move for progress, not perfection.

I’m not trying to lose weight (I’m actually the heaviest I’ve ever been right now), I’m just trying to take care of my body and make it stronger all-around. I go to barre class after work during the work week and go running on the weekends because I believe exercise should be a form of self-love and not a punishment for eating a donut (or 3) or going out drinking with friends. Why punish yourself or feel guilty for something that brought you joy in the moment? That just seems to warrant unnecessary stress, and I ain’t about that life. So, tell me, what do you move for?
Outfit details:

Easy Spirit sneakers c/o Zappos

American Eagle mom jeans

Shop Riff Raff olive top (c/o)

Shop Riff Raff TX hat (c/o)

Ray Ban sunglasses

Target tote bag