Lessons Learned from One Year at The Barre Code

I’ve officially been going to The Barre Code for one year! This is the longest I’ve ever consistently stuck with a workout schedule, and I don’t know how I was ever able to stay sane during the work week before barre came into my life. The Barre Code has brought so much happiness into my day-to-day routine, and I’m forever grateful! The Barre Code provides me a constant reminder that building strong habits and working actively toward your goals will translate to all areas of your life. To celebrate this one year milestone and in honor of Women’s Health Week this week, I’m sharing 5 important lessons I’ve learned from my time at The Barre Code. Every day I am reminded of these five lessons, inside and outside of the studio, that apply far beyond my daily workout.


All good things come with time and consistency.

When we enter a new exercise regimen, our first thought: “How long until I see results?” I’m sure The Barre Code instructors get asked this all the time. It’s different for everyone! How often are you going to class? Are you giving it your all every class? How’s your diet? For committed clients, you’re likely to see results fairly quickly, otherwise visible changes will take more time. For me, I was going 4x a week pretty consistently, but my diet wasn’t the best, so results took a little longer for me. Physical changes will only last if you are consistent in all aspects of your health!

Shaking is changing.

In barre, when you are on the brink of fatigue, your muscles literally start to shake, and it makes you want to stop because the feeling is so uncomfortable. Instructors encourage you to “let it shake” and push through because that’s when the positive change starts to happen. It’s interesting how this same notion can be applied to real life as well: when times get tough and “shakey” if you will, we feel the urge to quit, but real change is made from the tough stuff, the things that are uncomfortable. We have to get out of our comfort zone and really work to see change, in both physical fitness and everyday life. No one gets to where they want to go by doing the same things they’ve always done.


You can do anything for 10 more seconds.

When class gets rough and my legs are shaking uncontrollably, the first thing I want to do is take a quick break, but what keeps me going is the instructor’s encouragement that it’s almost over & to just hang on a little longer. There is nothing more motivating than hearing the instructor count down from 10. Like okay, just 10 seconds? I can do that. At least it’s not an entire minute, right? What looked like a hopeless situation suddenly turns into determination and a desperate attempt to hang on until the very end. When it’s over, I think, “I did it! Go me!” It’s a great feeling that I try to chase every class.


Positive/negative self talk can make or break you.

I’ve read a couple books about self talk and how altering our thoughts to be more positive can change our entire outlook on life. At The Barre Code, we are encouraged to engage in self talk whether that be saying a mantra in our head, meditation, or just repeating “I can” over & over. I truly believe it works, but I tend to forget to do it more often than not, so it helps to have an instructor in front of you reminding you to literally tell yourself that you can do this and that you are strong! Class doesn’t feel as hard in the beginning, but near the end when you’re super tired and your motivation starts to wear down, there is a big difference in thinking, “Omg this sucks I wanna stop now” as opposed to “I GOT THIS!”


Females are strong as hell.

In a broader sense, I already knew this, but The Barre Code gave me an appreciation for just how strong women really are. I see the same girls show up to class every week, I see women of all age ranges committed to their health who give it their all in class, busy women who commit this one hour of their day to do something hard but rewarding for themselves, and even pregnant woman who can hold a plank longer than I can. I haven’t made it to a 6am class yet, but I have mad respect for the girls that go instead of sleeping in (like me, lol). It’s hard to explain, but there is an energy that fills the room when we’re all in sync during class working toward our similar goals. When I see a girl near me working harder, it inspires me to do the same, and when I see another girl struggling to push through, I’m thinking, “I am right there with you, girl.” It sounds weird, I know, but it’s also kinda magical.


Huge thanks to The Barre Code for all it has taught me this past year! I’m excited for what’s to come. 🙂