Thrifters Can’t Be Choosers

This post is sponsored by ThredUp

There’s no bigger bummer than finding something you love while shopping and the store not carrying  it in your size. Okay, there are A LOT bigger disappointments than that, but just humor me, okay? When I first got into thrifting years ago, it became a steady stream of let-downs of something amazing not being able to fit me mixed in with a few highs of OMG IT’S ACTUALLY IN MY SIZE! I’ve learned to take the good with the bad, but every so often I tend to bend the rules a bit with a garment not my size and wear it anyway. YOLO (no?).

This dress from ThredUp caught my eye right away and I knew it was coming home with me–even though it was two sizes too big for me. I could have taken the L and just moved on to something that probably fit better, but what fun would that be? As my favorite TV star Tim Gunn always says, “Make it work.”
Outfit details:

J.Crew dress via ThredUp (c/o)

MIA sandals via Zappos

Ray Ban sunglasses

Agaci necklace (super old)

Urban Outfitters fringe bag (c/o)