Confessions of a Bad Style Blogger

I’ve come to a realization lately: I am a bad style blogger.

Wait, let me rephrase… I am a bad MODERN DAY style blogger.

Back in the early days of blogging, style blogging was all about simply sharing what I wore that day, maybe offering a tip or two and hopefully inspiring someone out there with their own wardrobe choices.


Style blogging requires you to be wearing the newest clothes that way you can link them right away if you have any hopes of making a tiny commission from them. Style bloggers shop constantly, shoot and post content ASAP (this outfit above was literally shot a month ago…oops), and have their link showcased in all posts.

They post about the notorious Nordstrom Anniversary Sale all at once (even though the deals aren’t even that good?? I’m just sayin…), wear winter weather sweaters in the middle of summer, and I’ve even heard tales of girls keeping the tags on new clothes just to return after they’ve taken photos in them.

This is the new age of style blogging, and I’m slowly realizing I can’t keep up.

It’s just not who I am.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not looking down on the women who do these things. Some are even my friends. They are hustling for something they’re passionate about and are maybe even earning a decent income from it. I respect them, but I don’t think I can ever get to that level.

I tried at first.

I signed up for and even have an account with Reward Style, but my heart is just not into blogging the way I see it being done nowadays. I continue to post outfits because I like what I’m wearing, and I like to show girls that you don’t have to strictly shop at high-end places in order to look cute or stylish.

Truth is, I really don’t shop for new clothes at all anymore.

Everything you see in the post above? Old news. You can’t even buy that bag, shoes, belt, or jumpsuit anymore, so I can’t link them for y’all (#badstyleblogger).

Over the past few years I have decluttered my closet to the point where I can fit all seasons of my clothing into one small closet–these are the pieces I found myself grabbing on the daily and represent my style to the fullest.

It’s not that I don’t like to shop, I do! But as I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed many of my past purchases were just trendy, gotta-have-it-now pieces that I ended up never even wearing again.

I’d like to think I’m a smarter shopper now, and I only invest in pieces that I know will either last or that I can at least mix & match with a few other things. My extra money now goes toward life experiences as opposed to tangible things that might not even be with me in a few years (or months!).

So to recap: I don’t post my outfits right away, I continue to wear the same clothes I’ve had for years, I don’t really shop anymore, I don’t keep up with the latest trends, and I’m not active on the appropriate retail platforms–all that combined, my friends, is why I am labeled a Bad Style Blogger (who refuses to give up style blogging completely just yet… go figure).

Outfit details:

Oliviaceous striped jumpsuit
Earrings c/o Dayana Lander Jewelry
Urban Outfitters bag
Madden Girl block heels
Target multi color belt