When Style Meets Comfort

Austin is a city known for constantly changing. There are always new businesses sprouting up, and (unfortunately) many of them don’t even make it past the first year, so when a small businesses emerges and finds success for an entire generation, of course it’s bound to become an Austin staple! Karavel Shoes is an old gem in north Austin off Burnet Road who actually celebrated 81 years in business this year!

They originally got their start in 1937 (WHAT) in downtown Austin right next to the historic Paramount Theater but made their way up north in the eighties where they’ve been ever since, and now they are known for having the widest selection of shoe styles, sizes and widths in Central Texas! I was invited to come to Karavel Shoes and try out their new fall style shoes from a brand simply called Earth, and of course I jumped at the opportunity! My fall wardrobe has been in need of a major revamp, so why not start with my footwear?

Checking out the fall selection of Earth Shoes–you can tell I’m drawn to a good leopard print, ha! I love how their selection was so versatile with plenty of contemporary styles to choose from. Everything I liked even went with the outfit I was wearing! The employee who helped me shared a little background info to me about the brand, and I never realized how passionate they were about conserving the planet! They only use water-based adhesives in their footwear which is far less toxic to the air than traditional solvent and oil based alternatives.

Even their shoe boxes are made from completely recycled materials and without using glue at all! Also, in 2015, they partnered with a non-profit organization and planted over 100,000 (!!!) trees globally. Find out how you can help plant a tree through their website here! Hearing all this made me feel even more excited about working with an ethical apparel brand.

What sold me about Earth, however, was the fact that they are SO COMFORTABLE. I tried on 3 different pairs with the help of a Karavel Shoes employee (who were all SUPER sweet and accommodating by the way), and each one felt like walking on a cloud. I quickly found out why: each footbed contains a padded heel, arch support, and premium lining with firm cushioning that are all created to help you look and feel your best (mission accomplished).

If you know me well, you know that I always opt for comfort over style because I’ve been taught that it’s important to take care of our feet now while we’re young so we won’t suffer later on in life, BUT I believe it shouldn’t be that hard for a shoe to be simply both comfy and stylish–and Earth Shoes have done just that. This classic tan bootie shown in this post was my FAVE, and it was actually more comfortable than the shoes I wore into the store, so I decided to leave them on for the rest of the day!

If you live in the Austin area, be sure to visit Karavel Shoes who legitimately provided the best service I’ve ever had at a shoe store! They were also really knowledgeable about all different aspects of footwear you never even consider which I appreciated a lot. If you’re not in Austin, I still wanna encourage you to check out Earth Shoes anyway and invest in a brand that is genuinely doing some good in this world (while still providing cute shoes).

This post was sponsored by Earth Shoes; all opinions are my own!

Outfit details:
Target cactus print tank
HUE jeggings
Target denim shirt
Ray Ban sunglasses
Target tote bag
Earth cognac booties c/o Karavel Shoes (they come in 3 other colors as well!)