28 Things I’m Grateful for at 28


For my my past two birthday posts I have written lists of what I’ve learned over the previous year (here’s 27 and 26 if you’re curious), but this year has been so good to me that I wanted to share what I’m grateful for at 28 instead. To be frank, I have a million things I’m thankful for, but the following 28 items are all things that happened to me specifically during this past year of life. I hope 28 proves to be just as good to me!

I am grateful…


  1. For all the blogger friends I made on the internet back when I first started in 2011 which allowed me to meet Tieka of Selective Potential in Michigan, Lauren and Jen in NYC, and go on an epic road trip with Gentri in Utah!
  2. For parents who let me third-wheel with them on their vacations to the beaches in Maui and to the mountains in Banff. They are my favorite travel companions, and I am so lucky to have them.
  3. For best friends who will come over and get drunk with me when I’m sad and do face masks while dancing in my living room to the Spice Girls.
  4. For finally having the opportunity to go to Mexico and see for myself that it’s not as bad as the media portrays it to be. Everyone was so nice and welcoming!
  5. For my first real experiences camping in an actual tent instead of a van or RV; I camped in Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio this year! It’s not as bad as it seems.
  6. For all the sponsored opportunities I was given this year because of my Instagram and blog which helped me to pay my bills.
  7. For all the people who follow me on social media which allowed me to get these sponsorships in the first place. Seriously, THANK YOU.
  8. For all the iconic musicians I was finally able to see including Beyonce, Paul McCartney, Odesza (5 times!), Taylor Swift, Post Malone, Cardi B, plus many other lesser-known artists I could name, but this list would just become abnormally long.
  9. For friends who will let me crash on their couch or spare bed while traveling when I have no where else to stay.
  10. For that one guy who showed me that riding a motorcycle is way more fun than I ever expected and to not be so quick to judge something I’ve never done.
  11. For getting to visit EIGHT national parks!
  12. For meeting new local people in a foreign country who were happy to take time out of their day to show me around their town.
  13. To have worked at a fun start-up company downtown where I got to build their brand presence from the ground up. Even though the job did not work out in the end, I learned a lot and am thankful for all the experience I gained.
  14. That my parking pass for that company miraculously still works.
  15. For getting to go to both weekends of ACL this year for free & treat my bff for her birthday by taking her with me.
  16. For people who tell me a blog post of mine actually helped them to feel better about themselves.
  17. To The Barre Code for always motivating me to be my best self.
  18. For the friends who still make time for me even after they have gotten into a new relationship.
  19. For the friends who are willing to meet up at random hours of the day just to help me take photos for content I need.
  20. For my blogger friends who invite me to foodie events and don’t judge me when I ask for a to-go box.
  21. For a best friend who will give me her Amazon log-in info so that I can download all 7 Harry Potter audiobooks.
  22. For a best friend who will get wine drunk in a parked car with me while jamming to Ariana Grande’s new album.
  23. For getting to attend 4 out-of-state music festivals this year.
  24. For getting to see my very first show at Red Rocks in Colorado, something that has been on my bucket list for a long time.
  25. For finally getting lasik surgery!!! I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW….
  26. For being able to move on from the past and be cool with people who once hurt me.
  27. For all the new friends I made at Electric Forest who welcomed me into their festival family when I didn’t have my own.
  28. For something I thought was good for my life to fall apart so that a lot more better things could come together for me.


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Cheers to 28!