Booties for All Seasons

Sponsored by Zappos

Is it just me, or do we tend to care less about trends the older we get? Back in my early twenties I loved whatever new trend was currently ~all the rage~ and would always hop on board if it looked like something I could pull off myself. But now? I am way more selective; sometimes I won’t even partake in a trend at all! I’ve started to look at pieces and question, “Will this be relevant in a year? Will it even last a year? What about 5 years?” and if the answers are all no, I usually won’t buy.

Now that I’m getting older, I’ve started to invest in pieces that will actually last me multiple seasons–especially footwear. These booties from BED|STU are a classic but unique style and color that pair well with pretty much ANYTHING since they are a neutral tan; plus they’re genuinely super comfortable! Even better is getting them from Zappos that way I could take advantage of their free shipping (score).

Another thing I love about this BED|STU brand is that they are eco-friendly: they use natural organic components in their finished products such as vegetable tanned leather, biodegradable supports, and water based glues. I always feel more confident when buying products that I know are better for the environment.  I can’t wait to wear them in the winter as well!

Outfit details:
BED|STU ‘Bonnie’ boots c/o Zappos
Old Navy tank top
F21 plaid shirt
7 for Mankind Jeans via Zappos (c/o)
UO backpack (gift)
Krewe sunglasses (c/o)