Fall Packing List + What I Wore in NYC



I spent 5 full days in NYC in mid-November where temperatures were mainly in the 40s or low 50s. Packing for cold weather has always been a challenge for me, but I was determined to not check a bag! I mean, I would only be there for less than a week, how hard could it be?

Thankfully I ended up wearing everything I brought which all rolled up nicely into my simple Tortuga backpack. Here is the complete list of all the clothes I took with me, accessories included!

IMG_9504 2

Below you’ll find all the outfits I wore with all the clothes shown above. When I travel I always stick with neutrals such as greys, whites, and blacks, and then I’ll throw in a print or two (in this case, my red plaid shirt and black/white gingham dress) or an added pop of color (such as my burgundy beanie and matching scarf).

I double layered my NorthFace jacket underneath my denim jacket (instead of bring my bulky coat with me), and underneath all my sweaters I’m wearing either the black tank top or Columbia thermal long sleeve I brought, or both when it got super cold. It kind of looks like I’m wearing the same thing in my all my outfit shots, but it’s really just mix & matching done right.

IMG_9722 2

As you can see, I did not wear my black booties AT ALL. The first day in NYC I walked about 10 miles, and even though my over-the-knee boots are generally comfortable, they were NOT made for that much walking. So for the next 4 days my feet were sore, and I knew I couldn’t put them through more torture by wearing my black booties which have a higher heel.

I was also dumb and did not bring any sneakers with me. I considered it, but I honestly did not think I would wear them because I knew it was going to be cold. Your girl does not handle being cold well!! So I chose being warm over being comfortable. Even after traveling as much I have, I still make mistakes or wrong judgement calls. What can ya do?

Next time, I will bring a pair of sneakers just to be safe. If you have boots that are made for long distance walking, you can just stick with those instead. Or if you don’t mind the cold, then sure, bring sneakers; basically whatever will be most comfortable for your feet!

IMG_9775 2

I’m not gonna lie, walking around NYC while wearing the same basics and same color scheme for 5 days in a row was kind of a buzzkill. People in New York tend to either really go for it with their fashion choices that would make anyone do a double take OR people dress in all black, but in like a sleek way that makes you think, “Wow, that woman has her sh*t together. I wanna be her.” Does that make sense?

Still, I don’t regret only bringing the essentials (other than those black booties, but hey, at least I forced myself to wear them on both plane rides) because it allowed me to stress less over what I was going to wear everyday and focus more on what I was going to actually do everyday.

People think the more options you have with clothing, the better, but in reality all it will do is overwhelm you and make you think, “Why did I even bring this much stuff??” I have never enjoyed that feeling, and I try my best to prevent it every time I travel.


Have you ever traveled somewhere cold with only a carry-on?