The Best App for At-Home Workouts

If you’ve been keeping up with my life lately on Instagram, you may have noticed that the past couple months have been nonstop travel for me, and I’m not gonna lie, y’all: it has been so difficult to make time to exercise while being constantly on the go.

Usually in Austin I attend barre class at The Barre Code, but while traveling I’ve had to look into other ways to stay active–which brought me to the Ladder app! I first heard about Ladder through another friend who tried it and highly recommended it, so I figured I would give it a shot!

What is Ladder? Ladder is a fitness app that matches you with a certified personal trainer based on your personality, lifestyle, and the fitness goals you want to achieve. Your trainer will personally work with you to customize a work out routine as well as answer your questions, check in with your progress, and provide encouragement when you need it most (as someone who struggles with motivation, this was a must).

You can access the app and do the work outs literally anywhere… it’s so convenient!

Use the code “RACH” for a 1 week free Ladder trial + 10% OFF your subscription after that should you choose to continue using it!

Before you are able to choose your trainer, the app begins by getting to know you and your fitness goals (for me, it’s to gain muscle) as well as what part of staying fit is hardest for you (such as eating habits in my case; I love chocolate & carbs, ok?!).

Then, you are able to choose aspects of your personal trainer that you prefer; I knew I wanted a female that would be good at motivation and specialize in at-home workout recommendations.

After I chose my preferences, Ladder provided a list of certified personal trainers that aligned with what I wanted the best! The trainer then created a plan that fits my needs and provided at-home work out options since I would be traveling and have no access to a gym or equipment. Easy!

Besides the workouts, another benefit of using Ladder that I enjoy is the accountability it puts on you; you can create “promises” on the app based on exercise, diet, stress, and sleep and personalize each one for a goal you may have.


For example, under the “stress” option I promised to meditate 4 days a week at 10am and was able to set up a push notification for those days to remind me and build up the habit. Meditating is important to me, but I always put it off, so this was a great addition for me!

Other, more obvious, aspects of the app I liked are the cost and convenience. Compared to other ways you can stay active, Ladder is genuinely a great deal. Think about it: A traditional personal trainer can cost you anywhere from $75 to $150 per session. and special boutique fitness classes can cost even more!

Ladder costs you just $49.99 per month — or $44.99 if you use the code “RACH” if you decide to stick with the program after your one week free trial!

Although I love attending my barre classes here at home, I can only go to class based on The Barre Code’s set class schedule; however, with Ladder, there is no need to worry about making a specific class time fit into your schedule since you can access your workouts in the app anytime and any place! So on days when I sleep in and miss a barre class, I can still get a workout in with Ladder. What’s not to love?

Once you have chosen your trainer and they have gotten to know your profile a bit plus chatted with you through their message system, you are ready to start! Your trainer then provides you easy to follow workout routines for each day of the week that you plan to exercise, and all you have to do is compete the workout and check the box when you’re done.

The best part is that the app provides a video for each workout that demonstrates exactly how to do a certain set. Way easier to understand than simply reading from a sheet of paper or a website!

I would definitely recommend this app for those of you who either travel a lot (and therefore have no quick gym access), can’t afford a personal trainer, or prefer at-home work outs. Again, you can use the code “RACH” to try it out for a week for free!

Have you ever tried an app for sticking to a workout routine? Let me know your thoughts!


This post is sponsored by Ladder. All opinions are my own!