8 Year Blogiversary


Wow, 8 years blogging. What the heck?

The fact that this blog is still kickin’ after 8 years is so exciting to me! I think I say this every year, but I truly am grateful I never gave up on this blog a few years ago back when blogs were on the downslope.

I feel like they only picked back up again because Instagram suddenly got huge with brands and influencers, but people soon realized that social media tends to fade over time (ahem, MySpace, Vine, and probs Facebook someday) and if that ever happens with Instagram, where will your followers go?

Things are now done the opposite way of how they were back in 2011 when the order was simply: blog first, social media handles second. These days though, people will gain a big following on the gram and launch a blog later (or never at all)!

Back when I first started in 2011, the sole purpose of this outlet was just for sharing outfits and trying to find my own personal style (which was a hot mess back then; please don’t go diving into my archives, haha). It wasn’t until sometime around 2015 when I realized I’d prefer my extra income to be put toward experiences rather than clothes. Minimalism and the notion that we really don’t need that much stuff had also become super popular at the time (I read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” that year as well), and that’s when everything started to shift for Rachel Lately.

Now it has become an online space where I get to share what I’m truly passionate about which is traveling, music festivals, life in Austin, and learning to live with less. Obviously I still enjoy sharing personal style posts, but I do so with intention now and only clothes that are either thrifted, gifts, or that I know are going to remain in my closet a long time.


It’s crazy to see how much this blog has grown in the past couple years. It literally went from a side hobby I’d do on the weekends into a side hustle I work on everyday! I used to be embarrassed about my blog and would even hide it from people who knew me in real life thinking I’d get made fun of. Now it’s something I talk about with pride!

Because of this blog, I got to be on TV, I’ve crossed off some pretty epic things from my bucket list (like bungy jumping & skydiving), I’ve gotten recognized in public around Austin, I’ve made money to help support myself, and I’ve even landed corporate jobs to advance in my marketing career. Like…. WHAT??

This probably sounds weird to say, but I feel like this blog has become a part of my identity—ESPECIALLY while I’ve been traveling lately and having to answer the question, “So what do you do?”

“I’m a blogger.” 🤷🏻‍♀️

If Instagram and all social media were to disappear tomorrow, I’d at least still have this corner of the internet to myself. And that’s kinda comforting, in a way, y’know?

Anyway, happy 8th birthday, ol’ blog. Sorry I forgot to get you a gift. 🤪