How My Blog Got Started, How It Grew, and Tips for Influencers


I’m so stoked to finally share this interview with y’all!

Last year I got to be a guest on a new podcast that launched out of Austin called The Positive Influence! It features local influencers talking about how we got to where we are now and any helpful tips we may have for other bloggers/influencers just starting out.

My episode was recorded in December 2018, only a month before I left for my trip abroad. 😳 This was my first time on a podcast; it’s so weird hearing my own voice, but I had a lot of fun recording it!

It’s crazy looking back at this video to see me with my hair styled, makeup fresh, a cute outfit, even earrings… I’m like, “Who is she??” These days, I ain’t looking so cute, y’all.🤪Hashtag backpacker life. All I remember is being a ball of stress back then trying to move out of my apartment and sort my life before leaving. It was not a fun time, but I survived!

Anyway, about the podcast…

I share a lot of information most people don’t know: how my blog got started (back in 2011 when blogs were written just for fun, not profit), what inspired me back then, how my blog changed overtime into what it has become now, my least and most favorite things about being a part of this weird online atmosphere, tips for influencers who are wanting to work with brands, and those infamous dating posts y’all love so much.

You can either watch the interview above (be warned, I squirm a lot, and I had no idea we were recording a video, HA) or just listen below while you go about your day.

You may learn a few new things about me… other than the fact that I say “like” way too much.

For fun, take a drink every time I say “oh god” or “legit.” 😂