Capturing Summer Moments in Thailand


What’s one of your favorite ways to remember your vacations?

For me, I love bringing my Instax Polaroid camera from Stage and snapping pics during little moments I want to take home with me. Then once I’m back in Austin, I put them on display around my apartment! Usually with some string and clothespins on my walls. Simple, but cute!

I used to just take my digital camera when I traveled, but it wasn’t as fun! Plus the photos from a digital camera don’t look as nice spread out around my place. Who’s with me?


My Instax polaroid camera is from Stage. Stage stores are all over the country and are found in 42 states across the US with approximately 800 specialty stores including Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal, Peebles, Stage specialty department stores, and Gordman’s off-price retailers!

You can also shop Stage Stores online at! They’re one of those all-inclusive type of stores where you can get anything you need (home decor, clothes, makeup, skincare, etc) — including these handy Instax Fuji Film cameras for documenting your favorite summer moments!


Thailand has been a country on my bucket list for YEARS, so I knew I wanted to bring my Instax camera from Stage specifically to document this trip. A couple years ago, I went to Italy and didn’t bring my polaroid camera, and guess what? I regretted it instantly!

I’m definitely not making that mistake with Thailand. The colors of this country really pop on film, and you can totally see the culture shine through the photographs. I ran out of my first roll of film within a couple hours! 😂

The photos here were taken during our visit to Wat Arun, a famous temple here in Bangkok; I can’t wait to look back on these photos someday!


Just to be clear, I definitely don’t just use my Instax camera for only vacations though! I take it with me for special events as well like birthdays, festivals, family events, graduations, and other milestone celebrations! How can I not??

It’s my goal this summer to bring my Instax camera with me even more so than usual. What summer moments are you hoping to capture over the next couple months?

If you’d like to win your own Instax polaroid camera, I’m doing a giveaway on my Instagram feed until the end of June!


This post is sponsored by Stage; all opinions are my own!