Making Myself At Home


People ask what I missed the most while I was traveling abroad last year, and my answer is always the same: my bed.

This sounds like a common response from people who return from vacation, but for me I mean it to the CORE OF MY BEING!! You truly don’t realize how much you took for granted your own bed, your own room, your own personal space until you’ve spent half a year sleeping in different hostels with new strangers on a rickety bunk bed every night. Tell me I’m wrong.

When Desenio approached me to collaborate with them, I saw this bedroom gallery wall on their website and knew I had to have it. I love its simplicity, and the prints of dark mountain silhouettes is oddly calming to me (the one I got is called the Muse in Grey set).

Desenio is basically your one-stop-shop for all things art and frames. Like, actually nice art that you want all over your home!

If you’ve always wanted to do a gallery wall in your home but have no idea how to start, I would definitely check out Desenio — they have countless options and unlimited ideas of how to set up a gallery wall based on your personal style. They have artsy, nature, abstract, botanical, fashion, maps, etc… I genuinely wanted to get multiple options, but I settled on what felt the most like me.

Desenio will ship everything to you to make it even easier–the prints and the appropriate frames along with it (in the same box). Check out their site or Instagram for all the home decor inspiration you need. 😍

Posters shown (all in gold frames):
Dear Bed I Love You
Carpathian Mountains
Foggy Hills
Brightest Stars
Pretty Amazing


This post was sponsored by Desenio; all opinions are my own!